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We are one of the top Polish companies producing gadgets for sports fans.
Having established our own sewing place, we started with producing garments for supporters on single contracts but in the course of time, the products circulating all over the country, have been recognized as very attractive and high-quality. Soon we have gained the opinion of a reliable company and a good business partner. Thanks to you, after nearly 10 years of running the business, we are one of the top Polish companies producing gadgets for sports fans. During this time the factory was growing speedily - it has been modernized with new machinery and skilled staff. Our clients are both individual supporters, sports clubs, shops and fight clubs. The quality of our products was also appreciated by fans from abroad so currently we cooperate with many countries.
We do our best to make the coopeation efficient, fast and satisfactory.
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our products

Machinery park

The expanded machinery park and the creativity and engagement of our team allows us to direct the offer to everyone. The modern technology applied in our company makes the fulfillment of the designs fast and precise.
One of the most durable and resistant adornment methods is embroidery. The pattern made by us will hold on to its original shape for a long time. As the distributor and manufacturer, we are able to execute any order. We embroider on parts or ready clothing. Available techniques of adornment: standard embroidery, convex embroidery (3D), embroidery with applications (diversifying through sewing on various materials), engraving and cutting with laser, other ornaments like companies’ logotypes, emblems or shields.
Sublimation printing house
Sublimation is a technique of printing allowing for the execution of highest-quality designs, with unlimited variance of colors and unique special effects. The dye penetrates the fabric, thanks to which it is impalpable and at the same time resistant to the effects of sunlight, washing and abrasion.
Using this technique, we produce sportswear like football and cycling sets, goalkeepers clothes and other.
This is also used to produce advertising gadgets: flags, masts, hats, scarves, mini scarves, windbreaks, car headrests, pencil-boxes, leashes, mouse pads, mugs, inserts, sports bags, backpacks.
Graphic studio
Our graphic designers approach their tasks with special precision - both the ones provided by customers and the independent ones, based on world trends and own ideas. It is a difficult process, requiring precision, accuracy and patience. Thanks to the usage of specialised software and adequate equipment we can offer you services of highest quality. Our designers start working on the patterns instantly and any possible changes and corrections are very quickly implemented. We always produce a sample of the order and send it over for approval. We are also able to fulfill unusual, individual orders.
Screen printing workshop
Screen printing is the oldest and the most durable method of clothing adornment. It is a fast universal print produced with special screens. Water paints or plastisols are used in the process. It can be used on many types of products made of for example cotton, knitwear, plastic or wood.
In our offer, we have unusual overprints: 3D (convex print), flagging, shining (gel), fluorescent and phosphorescent (shining in the dark), brocaded prints, removed prints, metallized and other.