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How to order


Please direct all orders to: kontakt@michalzlodzi.pl with the subject „order/zamowienie”.

  1. Full information for the invoice and contact details (name of the company, exact address, NIP (taxpayer identification number), telephone number, email address)
  2. Delivery address (exact address where the product should be sent together with telephone number of the person responsible for the collection of the order).
  3. The order should be done following the below structure:
    1. garment/item/gadget type (style: male, female, children) and the colour of the ordered item
    2. sizes requirements (hom many items in what sizes) – concerns clothing
    3. total number of items
    4. sizes:
      • size of the print (width x height in centimetres)
      • size of the embroidery (width x height in centimetres)
      • flags – width and height / fixed wheels straps
      • printed scarves sizes 138/17; 115/14; 147/19 / the colour of tassels / (for special orders we can make a non-standard scarf size)
      • knitted scarves – standard size 155/17,5; non-standard Jumbo type (240/30) / the colour of tassels
      • striped scarves – standard size 155/17,5, non-standard Jumbo type (240/30) / the colour of the tassels / they can be embroidered or plain
    5. additional options (packing, re-labbeling, etc.)
  4. Please attach the graphics file
  5. Please attach the graphics for embroidery
  6. The better quality of the image attached, the better quality of the print

Additional services

The order can be packed together or in single bags, depending on the purpose and the client’s needs.
We are able to produce labels with your own logotype and inscription. We will make it and sew it on the item!
Please direct valuation/pricing queries and other questions to kontakt@michalzlodzi.pl
  • Graphics (attachment) or written description of the project that needs to be made
  • Quantity and type of the ordered item
  • Time limit for completion